Chapter:Seven - Of Beginnings and the Names of Things (The Name of the Wind)

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Proceed with caution.

Kvothe and Chronicler clash over his secret identity, come to terms on how his story will be told and begin with Kvothe’s childhood.


Characters physically appearing in the chapter

  • Miller is setting his water-wheel.
  • Caleb, the Blacksmith, is rekindling his forge.
  • Devan Lochees prepares to write, demonstrates his shorthand, and begins to take Kvothe’s dictation.
  • Kvothe is used in connection to the Innkeeper for the first time. As opposed to Kote. He also mentions being called Dulator by his first real lover. Shadicar, Lightfinger, and Six-String too. Kvothe the Bloodless, the Arcane, and Kingkiller.

Characters mentioned in the chapter, but not physically present

  • Taborlin the Great is mentioned again in relation to knowing magic.
  • Aleph spun the world out of the nameless void, as far as kvothe knows, or found the names all things already possessed.
  • Felurian is mentioned, and Kvothe’s survival of their encounter.


Locations physically appearing in the chapter

Locations mentioned in the chapter, but not physically visited

  • The University is mentioned, Chronicler having attended, where he heard rumours about Kvothe. Also where Kvothe attended and was expelled from.
  • Capulenta burned a long time ago.
  • Trebon was burned down by Kvothe.


Groups mentioned in the chapter, but not physically present

  • The Chandrian may be where Kvothe’s story begins, and what it’s all about.
  • Edema Ruh is Kvothe’s nationality/background. Mentioned for the first time.


  • Adem as a race is mentioned for the first time, and their name for Kvothe: Maedre; meaning The Flame, The Thunder, or The Broken Tree.
  • Tema is a language Kvothe learned in a day and a half (with no sleep).
  • E'lir is the lowest of the University ranks.