Caesura (sword)

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Caesura is a sword made in Ademre roughly 2360 years ago [1]. Its true name is Saicere, which means "to break, to catch, or to fly" (1). It is made in the traditional ancient Ademic style, with a blade of "burnished grey", and a slightly extended handguard to protect the wielder's fingers [1].

In the Chronicle

Kvothe is given this sword by Vashet and Shehyn at the School of the Latantha in Haert, after he passed their test of passing through the Sword Tree.

Caesura is not Folly (the sword which Kvothe is seen with in the frame story). [2]


1. See [3]: "Caesura leapt (flew), caught the moonlight briefly on her blade, and tore (broke) his throat"


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