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The Chancellor is the highest ranking Master at the University. The Chancellor presides over admission interviews, meetings, and tribunals and is tasked with maintaining order. It is currently unknown how a new Chancellor is chosen, however, it is likely done by a majority vote, as evident when Arthur Herma falls ill and Jasom Hemme is made Chancellor in his stead.



Elodin was the Master Namer during Kvothe's time at the University and was Chancellor of the University about five years before Kvothe's first term.[1] Elodin was the youngest Chancellor known.

Arthur Herma

Arthur Herma was the Chancellor and Master Linguist during the majority of Kvothe's time at the University. He falls ill towards the end of The Wise Man's Fear and is replaced by Hemme.

Jasom Hemme

Jasom Hemme was the Master Rhetorician during Kvothe's time at the University. When Arthur Herma falls ill, Jasom Hemme is appointed the new Chancellor.


  • The Chancellor's vote counts as 1.5 votes when the masters vote.


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