Chapter:Eight - Thieves, Heretics, and Whores (The Name of the Wind)

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Entering a small town, Kvothe’s troupe are met with mistrust from the mayor and constables. They have a writ which reverses the situation. Kvothe meets Ben and invites him to the troupe.


Characters physically appearing in the chapter

  • Kvothe refers to himself in the first person, as the narrator.
  • Arliden was Edema Ruh, and was supposedly a better actor and musician than any have ever seen. Supposedly lured his wife away from her old life with sweet music and sweeter words.
  • Laurian was Edema Ruh and had a gift for words.
  • Mayor of the town they’re performing in.
  • Trip was a juggler, often seen in jester’s motley.
  • Marion and his wife were puppeteers.
  • Abenthy was Kvothe’s first real teacher. An arcanist, tinker and peddler. Also called Ben.
  • Tom is the Mayor’s constable.

Characters mentioned in the chapter, but not physically present

  • Baron Greyfallow is Kvothe's troupe's patron. His colours are Green and Grey. He is Lord of the eastern marshes, Hudumbran-by-Thiren, the Wydeconte Hills and of Trelliston; Viscount of Montrone.
  • Laclith is a huntsman who traveled with the troupe for a season.
  • Hetera a lady that fascinates kvothe in a way he can't quite understand.
  • Squire Semelan owns a fiefdom within Baron Greyfallow’s barony. Thin gentlemen, tidy little beard. Lovely singing voice.
  • Branston a local who’s daughter was gotten pregnant by a previous troupe.
  • Tehlu is mentioned in a play.
  • Taborlin the Great is said to know magic like calling the wind, as Abenthy does.


Locations mentioned in the chapter, but not physically visited

  • Three Crossings is where some of Kvothe’s, and presumably his mother’s, relatives live.
  • Baron Greyfallow’s Manor where Kvothe’s troupe visited and performed.
  • Commonwealth is mentioned in relation to the law.
  • Modeg is referenced as having royal courts, and courtesans.
  • Atur is mentioned, as being fairly close.


Groups physically appearing in the chapter

  • Edema Ruh are travelling performers, also known simply as The Ruh. Possibly an ethno-religious or ethno-superstitious group.
  • Lord Greyfallow’s Men are Kvothe specific Troupe.


Objects physically appearing in the chapter

  • features as a fixtures on Abenthy’s wagon.


  • Midwinter Pageantry is mentioned as a large spectacle.
  • Solinade Games is mentioned as a large spectacle.
  • Arcanist is mentioned as a profession, mistrusted in some areas.
  • Sympathy is mentioned in relation to lamps on Ben’s wagon.
  • Daeonica is a play with an exorcism scene.
  • Malefaction is not explained, but listed and something Abenthy does not do.
  • Lacillium is an antidote to certain poisons.
  • Farien the Fair is a play.