Faen Realm

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The Faen Realm is an alternate dimension fabricated by the Shapers, which is occasionally accessible from Temerant, especially during nights with a full moon or no moon.[1] It is inhabited by the Fae, who comprise many species and races who have diverse magical abilities, such as disguise and telling the future. The realm is the subject of many myths and much folklore in Temerant, but little is known about their true customs or culture. The Fae may be immortal or have very long life spans.[2] There is no true night or day in the Fae; instead, one direction gradually gets lighter, called "Day", while the other gets darker, called "Night". The other directions have no true name.[3]


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The inhabitants of the Faen realm include:

From stories and myths, the inhabitants could be trow, fairies, barrow draugs, and other mythical creatures, although Kvothe never encountered these and the reports are unconfirmed.


According to Felurian, the Faen Realm is a fabricated dimension made by the Shapers.[1] The final touch was Iax stealing the moon, which sparked the Creation War and created the moon's waxing and waning.[4]


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