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You are, in fact, in the middle of Newarre. [...] Thriving metropolis. Home to dozens.

Kote to Devan Lochees

Newarre is the small town in which the Waystone Inn is located, and is the main setting of the frame story. Newarre's exact location is not known, however, it is known to be located near Abbott's Ford and Rannish.


It is thought that, since the currency used in Newarre (silver bits [1]) is the same as is used in Vintas ("a Vintish silver bit" [2]) that Newarre is in Vintas, and therefore that the Penitent King/Resavek battles must be also in Vintas. However, this is never explicitly stated in the book.


  1. Patrick Rothfuss said in an interview about the pronounciations of words that Newarre was crafted speficially to sound like "nowhere".


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