Chapter:Three - Wood and Word (The Name of the Wind)

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Autumn’s the time everything is tired and ready to die

Graham brings a weathered looking Kote a mounting board that he had ordered some 4 months previously. Made from wood that won’t burn, it costs him two silver talents. The near black of the mounting board reads “Folly” underneath. Bast is decidedly unhappy about the sword being showcased openly but plays along for his master, Kote. The blade is, though unmarred, old and of a decidedly unique shape.

A travelling party stops at the inn bringing with them a Tinker who sets up shop in front of the inn selling his various oddments. Kote is nearly exposed to be Kvothe by one of the travellers who admits to listening to him perform at Imre once. With some deft manoeuvring he manages to diffuse the situation.

The next morning, Kote visits with Caleb, the blacksmith, looking for a sturdy piece of iron and a spare pair of forge gloves. He tells the smith that he intends to plant an orchard in the empty space behind the inn.


Characters physically appearing in the chapter

  • Kote is keeping the inn, as usual. Called Reshi by Bast again.
  • Graham brings Kote a sword mounting board he'd commissioned.
  • Bast is helping run the inn.
  • Travellers visit the inn, including three wagoneers, three guards, a tinker, and two young travellers.
  • Caleb is the local blacksmith.

Characters mentioned in the chapter, but not physically present

  • Aaron, the smith's prentice is mentioned as "the boy".
  • The Chandrian are described in a children's rhyme song as turning fire blue, having black eyes, including a man with no face, moving like ghosts and having an unknown plan.
  • Kvothe is mentioned for the first time. A traveller is sure Kote is Kvothe. Kvothe the Bloodless.
  • The Orrison Family offer to sell mutton to Bast.
  • Deolan is a presumably fictional Cealdish merchant who gave Kote the money to open his inn.


Locations physically appearing in the chapter

Locations mentioned in the chapter, but not physically visited

  • Aryen is where Graham ordered the wood for Kote's sword mounting board. it took 4 months to arrive.
  • Tinuë is mentioned as a source of limes.
  • Tarbean is mentioned as a source of chocolate.
  • Aerueh is mentioned as a source of polished horn.
  • Imre is mentioned as where the traveller saw Kvothe sing once.
  • The Eld is mentioned as where Kote supposedly took an injury.
  • Ralien is also used in the cover story.
  • Purvis is the supposed destination in Kote’s cover story.
  • Meneras is mentioned as where the king’s army is currently fighting. Kote corrects this from Menat, which may or may not be a real place.


Objects physically appearing in the chapter

  • Folly is the name (or at least caption) of Kvothe's mounted sword.

Objects mentioned in the chapter, but not physically present

  • Nightmane is a drug to make someone sleep.
  • Mhenka is a drug to make someone sleep, possibly more potent.

Significant Phrases

When the hearthfire turns to blue,
What to do? What to do?
Run outside. Run and hide. 
When his eyes are black as crow?
Where to go? Where to go?
Near and far. Here they are.
See a man without a face?
Move like ghosts from place to place.
What's their plan? What's their plan?
Chandrian. Chandrian.
All the scars were smooth and silver except one.