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Felurian is an ancient creature of the Fae.


Felurian has a reputation for tempting men with desire into the fae, whence they never return or return driven mad. She does this because it is her nature, and because she wants company.[1] Her voice is similar to Elodin's, seeming to fill the entire space. She speaks in lower-case unless referring to herself.[1]

She enjoys music and is an attentive audience.[1] She is proud.[2]


Felurian has long dark hair. She has dark eyes with lids patterned like a butterfly's wings, coloured purple, black and pale gold.[3][1] Her skin is silver-white, and she does not wear clothes.[3][1]


Felurian is described by Dedan as "Lady of Twilight. Lady fo the First Quiet."[4]

In literature

Felurian is portrayed as a character in the play Daeonica.[5]

A chapter of A Quainte Compendium of Folke Belief contains stories about Felurian.[6] She is also mentioned in an account of a folk story about the properties of greystones.[7]


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