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Haliax is the leader of the Chandrian, a very mysterious group of seven members who seek to destroy or conceal all knowledge of themselves and of their own existence.

Appearance/Physical Attributes

Haliax is described as "a man wrapped in shadow." He is almost entirely covered by shadow or darkness, especially his face. He wears a deep black cowl, underneath which no face can be seen. He is described by Kvothe to have a "cool voice" and a "patient tone", and his dialogue lines in The Name of the Wind are always italicized. In The Wise Man's Fear Alaxel, one of Haliax's known aliases, is said to "bear the shadow's hame." In this context, the 'shadow's hame' most likely means a collar of shadow around Haliax's neck. This imagery is likely a reference to the shadows that envelop his head and face.

References to Haliax

In the Adem poem told to Kvothe by Shehyn in The Wise Man's Fear, Alaxel is referenced. "Last there is the Lord of the seven. Hated. Hopeless. Sleepless. Sane. Alaxel bears the shadows hame."

Connection to Lanre

We know that Haliax and Lanre are the same person. In Skarpi's story in The Name of the Wind, Lanre states the following. "I am Haliax and no door can bar my passing."