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Lyra was terrible and wise, and held a power just as great as his.


Lyra was Lanre's wife in the story of the fall of Myr Tariniel. She brought Lanre back through the doors of death.

In Arliden's song

In the introduction to Arliden's song, he credits Lanre's love for Lyra as his motivation.[1]

In Skarpi's story

Lyra was a powerful namer who could kill or command the weather. Her skill as a namer was comparable to Lanre's command of armies. She fought side-by-side with her husband in the Creation War.[2] Following Lanre's death at the Blac of Drossen Tor, Lyra spoke his name three times and he returned from beyond the doors of death.[2] Lanre was driven mad with grief after Lyra's death, which he considered himself responsible for.[2] In his struggle to return Lyra from the dead, Lanre had become so powerful that he could never die permanently.[2]

In Denna's song

Denna considered that the version of The Song of Seven Sorrows she performed to Kvothe needed to expand on Lanre's relationship with Lyra.[3]


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