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This was the sort of house only a wealthy family could afford to build. The foundation and the lower walls were solid grey stone. The upper story was plaster and timber with stone reinforcing the corners.


A farm owned by Mauthen near Barrowrill on the outskirts of Trebon. Although in ruins when first introduced, it is clear it was home to a relatively wealthy family. It included a well-built farmhouse, barn, water pump, and windmill. It was surrounded by wheatfields, pasture, and small stands of pine and fir trees. [1]

In The Chronicle

In The Name of the Wind, a group gathered at the farm for a wedding is murdered, presumably by the Chandrian. When word of this event reaches Kvothe at the University, he quickly travels to Trebon to investigate. There he meets Denna and learns she was the only surviving eye witness to the event. She expounds on the affair, explaining that she was hired by Master Ash to play her lyre for the reception. Supposedly, while in discussion with Master Ash, she heard a lot of commotion and spotted blue flames. Upon realizing it was an attack, she fled. However, it is subsequently revealed that her would-be patron violently incapacitated her following this discovery. The townfolk describe the wounds of the victims at the Mauthen Farm as being made by knives or swords; this is notably similar to the description of the attack on Kvothe's Troupe. [2] [1] [3]

During this escapade, Kvothe is forced to dispatch a doped up Draccus, which is roaming the area, high on denner resin. Afterward, he meets Nina, who offers him information about the elusive Chandrian in the form of a drawing she seen on an ancient pot that the Mauthen Family dug up. The pottery showed the Chandrian, their signs, and a figure who might represent a ciridae. The meaning of the depiction is unclear but it's discovery is ostensibly the reason for the Chandrian's attack.


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