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According to one of many manuscripts full of court gossip Kvothe receives while residing the the Maer Alveron, Netalia Lackless is the older sister of Meluan Lackless who ran off with an Edema Ruh performer in her youth and was subsequently disowned by her parents. As a result, Meluan is the only heir to the Lackless lands. Kvothe postulates that Netalia's abscission causes Meluan's extreme hatred for the Edema Ruh.


A common fan speculation is that Kvothe's mother Laurian is Netalia Lackless. The supposition stems from hints in a poem Arliden wrote for Kvothe's mother which reads, as follows:

Dark Laurian, Arliden’s wife,

Has a face like the blade of a knife

Has a voice like a pricklebrown burr

But can tally a sum like a moneylender.

My sweet Tally cannot cook.

But she keeps a tidy ledger-book

For all her faults, I do confess

It’s worth my life

To make my wife

Not tally a lot less …

The last line "Not tally a lot less" read phonetically sounds indistinguishable from Netalia Lackless.

This paired with the quote from Kvothe that: mother was a noble before she was a trooper.


Lastly, Kvothe sees Meluan as she dances with the Maer, while he states he cannot place why the scene is familiar, it eerily echoes a similar scene in which Laurian dances with Abernathy. [2]

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