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Cinder, also suspected to be known as "Cyphus" or "Scyphus," is a member of the group which is known throughout Temerant as "the Chandrian", "The Seven," or the "Rhinta". In the Chronicle, he is the Chandrian most hated by Kvothe.


Kvothe describes Cinder as having perfectly sharp porcelain features, white hair that is "shoulder length... in loose curls the color of frost," eyes that are "black like a goat's but with no iris; like his sword, neither reflecting the light of the fire or the setting sun." His is normally quite relaxed and is often described as if sadistic. He moves fluidly and dextrously, skillfully brandishing a pale, elegant sword. [1]

Cinder takes joy in the form of torturing others; he does "nasty things" to Kvothe's mother, Laurian, and spills the guts of Kvothe's father, Arliden, while the man attempts to come to the aid of his wife, making him beg.[2] Afterward, when Kvothe stumbles upon the scene of the massacre, he starts to toy with the boy, but his games are cut short by his leader, Haliax, who reins him in forcefully.[1]


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