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I have two talents wagered that you will not last a second day. If you leave in the night, as I hope, I will win silver. If I am wrong and you stay, I win in bruises and listening to your cries.

– Carceret, speaking with Kvothe.[1]

Carceret is an experienced female Adem mercenary living in Haert.


Carceret has sandy hair and pale grey eyes. She is described as having broader shoulders and being a few inches taller than Tempi. She is described as being "whipcord thin". She has two notable facial scars, one that cuts through her eyebrow, and another close to her jaw.

Carceret is a disagreeable person. She is quick to anger and to insult and distrustful of outsiders, especially barbarians. She and her mother, Larel, have strong relations in Haert, and she is a respected member of the Latantha school.

Carceret has a dislike for both Kvothe and Tempi. She considers Kvothe a barbarian and a thief of Adem secrets. She is the instigator of Tempi's trial and makes multiple attempts to thwart Kvothe from becoming an honorary Adem, including defeating him at his stone trial.