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"So when I meet a woman, I should simply say 'You are beautiful?'" Tempi shook his head. "No. You would say simply 'beautiful' and let the woman decide the rest of what you mean."

Tempi is a somewhat inexperienced Adem mercenary of the Latantha school in Haert. Kvothe first encounters Tempi on a commission from Maer Alveron, as one of the four travel companions Kvothe has on the trip.


Tempi is described as having sandy hair and pale grey eyes. He has shallow scars crisscrossing his arms and chest and has his full mercenary reds.

Tempi is a respectful and somewhat timid warrior. He believes that "victory is always to be sought". He has a fairly base grasp of the Commonwealth language, which comes out as being stoic and silent to those that do not understand.

Tempi is the one who first teaches Kvothe of the Ketan, and in return Kvothe promises to teach him the lute. This brings scorn down on Tempi from his fellow Adem, especially Carceret. Kvothe and Tempi then travel to Haert, where Kvothe begins to learn the Ketan under the guide of Vashet.