House Calanthis

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House Calanthis is the ruling family of Vintas.


The name of the dynasty is taken from the Eld Vintic name for the sipquick, a small bird that feeds on nectar.[1]


House Calanthis was the ruling dynasty of the kingdom of Tarvintas. The first king of Tarvintas to be declared was Feyda Calanthis, after his death. He was succeeded by his brother Jarvis Calanthis.[2]

The family became rulers of Vintas when the Aturan Empire imposed the iron law and the faith of The Book of the Path on Vintas "a dozen generations back".[3] The current king of Vintas, King Roderic, is a member of the family.


Feyda Calanthis

Feyda was the posthumously declared the first king of Tarvintas.

Jarvis Calanthis

Jarvis was the first to be declared king of Tarvintas during his lifetime.

Roderic Calanthis

Roderic Calanthis is the current king of Vintas.

Alaitis Calanthis

Alaitis Calanthis was a prince regent of Vintas, but died in a duel.


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