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Vintas is the south-easternmost country in Temerant. It is bordered by the Stormwal Mountains to the east, Modeg to the north, and the Small Kingdoms to the west.


Vintas was once a part of the Aturan Empire, but has been ruled by the Calanthis family for centuries. The current king of Vintas, Roderic Calanthis, rules from the capital city of Renere. Major cities include Severen, which is ruled by Lerand Alveron, and the Free City of Tinuë. Vintas also contains portions of the Eld.

The modern nation of Vintas may be related to the historical Vint, which was absorbed by the Aturan Empire three hundred years ago, and Tarvintas, which was once ruled by the Calanthis family.[1]

Vintish peerage

The Vintish peerage also serves as the line of succession to the throne of Vintas.


Vintish people are stereotypically extremely superstitious of anything remotely magical. Their legends include stories of monsters such as barrow draugar[2] and sendings[3]; and they do not trust engineering using sympathy and sygaldry. However, they believe in non-scientific magic, such as turagiors, people who claim to be able to tell your future from your face[4].

Vintish people also have an ancient tradition of giving each other rings to symbolize status and feelings for each other.

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