Lord Greyfallow's Men

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Lord Greyfallow's Men was a traveling troupe, consisting primarily of Edema Ruh. The troupe was patroned by Baron Greyfallow, and led by Arliden.[1]


The troupe usually consisted of at least eight wagons and well over two dozen performers, including actors, acrobats, magicians, musicians, jugglers, and jesters. They would allow almost anyone desiring safety or company to travel with them, however, including courtesans, barristers, and huntsmen.[1]

They traveled mainly throughout the Commonwealth, under the protection of Baron Greyfallow's name.[2] The troupe was charged to perform in many of the major towns and villages within Baron Greyfallow's lands, and would visit the Baron himself for two span every year to perform directly for his household. They had a good reputation, and Arliden was a well-respected musician and actor in his own right.[1]


Performers in the troupe included:[1]

Travelers who joined the troupe for a time included:[1]

  • Unnamed barrister: A barrister who taught Kvothe an eclectic smattering of Commonwealth law and was too drunk or too pompous to realize he was lecturing an eight-year-old.
  • Laclith: Huntsman
  • Hetera: Courtesan
  • Abenthy: Arcanist

Aside from Kvothe, there doesn't seem to have been any other children present in the troupe.

In the Chronicle

The members of Lord Greyfallow's men were all murdered unexpectedly when the troupe had stopped for the day after coming across a tree in the road. During this time, Arliden had debuted a piece of his song dedicated to Lanre and the Chandrian. Shortly after, all but Kvothe - who was out collecting herbs for his mother, Laurian - were located and killed by the Chandrian.

Temerant folklore suggests that this occurred because Arliden spoke the true names of the Chandrian too often, and drew them to him.


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