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Temerant is the continent within which The Kingkiller Chronicle take place. The name is first mentioned in The Slow Regard of Silent Things.[1] Temerant coexists alongside and sometimes interacts with the Faen Realm, especially on nights with a full moon or no moon. The countries on Temerant are known as the Four Corners of Civilization.


The countries on Temerant are, clockwise from the northwest: the Ceald, Atur, Modeg, Ademre, Vintas, The Small Kingdoms, and the Commonwealth. A large island off the coast of the Commonwealth is Yll, and an unnamed small island off the coast of the Small Kingdoms is the location the city Junpui.

Between Vintas and Modeg, there is a large forest known as the Eld. Between Modeg and Ademre, there is a mountain chain called the Stormwal Mountains. The sea between Yll and the Commonwealth is the Reft, and between Yll and Junpui is the Centhe Sea. Temerant has nine inland seas and lakes, none of which are named. Temerant is uncharted past the Stormwal Mountains to the east, and past an unnamed sea to the west. Across the center of Temerant stretches The Great Stone Road, going from the University to the Stormwal Mountains.

In the Chronicle

Elodin asks his students to find a series of books during their first formal lesson in naming. One of them that none of them can find is called In Temerant Voistra.