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The custom of granting rings is common to all Vintish people. There are several types of rings that folk can give each other, but they are separated into two groups: noble and common, the first for the nobility and the second for general citizens.

Noble Rings

Material Meaning Notes
Iron Given to someone of lower status None
Silver Given to someone of equal status None
Gold Given to someone of greater status None
Wood (Traditionally) Given to summon a servant

(Contemporarily) Given to show extreme derogatory hatred

Originally given to servants, in modern times this ring

shows that the giver does not consider you human.[1]

Common Rings

Traditionally, common rings were made from materials that people found close at hand.[2]

Material Meaning Notes
Grass Courtship Found in Bast’s room.[3]
Leather Service Found in Bast’s room.[3]
Horn Enmity Found in Bast’s room.[3]
Bone Profound debt Traditionally carved from the bone of

a deceased family member.[2]


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