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Hespe is a female mercenary from Vintas. Maer Alveron hires her to resolve a bandit issue in the Eld with the help of Kvothe, Dedans, Marten, and Tempi. Together the band travels along the king's road, finds and destroys the bandits camp.


Hespe is blonde, with short hair and a square jaw. Her armor is hardened leather. Her personality is sparse, quiet, and brusque.


Over the course of their work in the Eld, Hespe and Dedan developed feeling for each other. Hespe was the first to realize her feelings and become aggrieved and upset with Dedan after he told an overly sexualized story about Ferulian. Despite Dedans fumbling, Hespe and Dedan act on their feelings for each other after Kvothe is lost to the Faen Realm and begin a relationship.


It is Hespe who first tells Kvothe, the story of Jax, who stole the moon. According to Hespe, her mother told her the story when she was young, every night in the exact same way. Her grandmother is said to have passed the story in the same way to her daughter.


If the story of Jax truly has been passed down in Hespe's family throughout the generations, some postulate this may imply she is descended from an ancient family or from Selitos.