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The Order Amyr are a famous branch of the Tehlin church that was widespread during the reign of the Aturan Empire, acting as vigilantes who protected and upheld justice. Knowledge of the Amyr is spread throughout Temerant, and they are the subject of thousands of songs, poems, and history books. They are credited with a large direct or indirect role in the downfall of the Aturan Empire after their denouncement and disbanding by the church.[1]

Mythical Speculation

Several sources suggest that the Amyr may be far older than the Aturan empire.

  • A story told by Skarpi suggests that they were formed after the Battle of Myr Tariniel, which was thousands of years before Atur.[2] In this case, the Amyr's name would come from Myr Tariniel, as they are taking revenge for its destruction. This also explains why their symbol is a tower wrapped in flame.[3]
  • When Kvothe encounters the Chandrian, Haliax mentions that he protects them from the Amyr.[4]
  • When Kvothe is in the Faen Realm, Felurian mentions that "there were never any human amyr".[5]
    • This suggests that there were (or are) two groups of Amyr; the original Ruach Amyr and the Tehlin Order Amyr which was either born from Ruach order or mimicked them.

Kvothe believes that the Amyr may be attempting to hide their continued existence (like the Chandrian) by pruning libraries of books with information about them.[6]


According to Kvothe's research, there were (at one point) at least 3,000 human Amyr.[6] This includes:

  • Sir Savien Traliard
  • Atreyon

Group Structure

According to folk tales, the Amyr evolved out of judges as a more military branch of justice (however, this origin story is suspect). The Amyr were under the control of the church, although it is unlikely that they had a strongly structured system because no records survive of exact numbers, payments, or missions.[6] The Amyr also had a small group of elites that were above any law, known as the Ciridae. The Ciridae were distinguished by the tattoos on their forearms, which resembled blood streaming from their fingers.[7]

It is suggested they still exist following their purging from the Tehlin Church in which many believe they were destroyed.


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