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Where you have failed, Fela has succeeded.

– Master Elodin

Fela is a student at the University. She is friends with Kvothe, and is a skilled scriv, geometer and namer.

Physical appearance

Fela is consistently described as strikingly beautiful. She has bright eyes and dark hair that's longer than shoulder-length.[1] Her hands are calloused from her work as a sculptor.[2] She is Modegan, with a corresponding moderately dark complexion.[3]


Fela holds the rank of Re'lar when Kvothe first meets her.[4] She is a scriv in the Archives, a position she had held for years by the time of Kvothe's arrival at the University.[5] She also studies chemistry with Master Mandrag, and arithmetic with Master Brandeur, including Abstract Maths, Advanced Geometries and Manifold Maths.[2][6][7]

She has a particular affinity for stone.[8] She sculpts, making use of equipment in the Artificery.[9] Master Elodin includes her in his naming class based on her understanding of stone, where she is the first student to gain mastery over her chosen name. After finding the name of stone eight times, she carves a black ring from a stone using its name.[10]

In the Chronicle

As a scriv, Fela frequently staffs the front desk of the Archives. Her first two encounters with Kvothe are in this capacity, first introducing him to the Stacks and later being present for a row between Kvothe and Ambrose.

Later, Kvothe carries her out of the Artificiery during a bone tar fire, which she later compares to a scene in Daeonica. As thanks, she presents Kvothe with a forest-green cloak and offers him any favour.[2] Kvothe calls this in once he finds an access route to the Archives through the Underthing to ask her to introduce him to the structure of the Stacks, which she obliges.[6] Considering her debt only partly paid, she offers to trade admissions slots with Kvothe, who initially declines but accepts after Simmon diagnoses him as being under the influence of a plum bob.[7][11]

When Kvothe needs a schema to make a Gram, Fela joins him, Simmon and Wilem to search for it. She eventually finds an Eld Vintic copy of the volume they need.[12] She is a member of the group that supports Kvothe to recover Denna's ring from Ambrose, by taking Ambrose out for a meal to ensure his rooms are left empty.[13]

During The Name of the Wind, Simmon tells Kvothe that he thinks Fela is romantically interested in him.[14] Simmon and Fela are a couple upon Kvothe's return to the University in The Wise Man's Fear.[15]


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