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There are so many books in the Archives that merely reading the titles would take you a full span.

Wilem [1]

The Archives is a windowless grey building that holds the massive book collection of the University. Within are tens of thousands of books, as well as ancient scrolls and clays, many from before the burning of Caluptena. The Archives has two sections: Tomes, where any student can go, and Stacks, where only Arcanum students can go. Any student can request a book or a subject and a scriv will try to find them a copy. Students do not take books out of the Archives.[2]


The Archives is a five-storey windowless stone building.[3] There are at least three levels underground.[4] The words Vorfelan Rhinata Morie, meaning something like "the desire for knowledge shapes a man", are carved above its doorway.[1]


Acquisitions Office

The acquisitions office is a small, often empty, room containing a large map tracking books the Archives wants to acquire and teams sent out to look for them.[5]

The Bindery

From its name, the Bindery is likely where books are bound or where book bindings are repaired.

The Buggery

The Buggery is the area of the Archives where books go through a process of decontamination to keep the collection safe.[5]


From its name, Bolts could be an area dedicated to maintaining shelves and the infrastructure of the Archives.

Cataloger's Mew

From its name, Cataloger's Mew is either where scrivs catalog books in the archive, or accommodation for scrivs who complete this type of work.


From its name, Palimpsest is an area of the Archives where paper and parchment is cleared of text so it can be re-used.

The Scriptorium

The Scriptorium is the area that scrivs translate or copy works.[5]

Sorting Hall

The Sorting Hall is where books are stored and arranged for scrivs to re-shelve them.[5]


Stacks is an unlit section of the Archives containing the majority of books and taking up the majority of its area. Access is restricted to members of the Arcanum, and the presence of open flame is strictly prohibited. It contains many small rooms for study, known as reading holes. It also contains the four-plate door.


Tomes is a large, tall room. It is the main reading area of the Archives. It contains reading material for basic classes, and a request ledger for students to request books from the Stacks. The area is restricted to members of the University.


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