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Jaxim is a student at the University, specialising as an artificer.


Jaxim is tall and pale.[1]


Jaxim holds the rank of Re'lar when Kvothe meets him. He works in the Artificery.[2]

In the Chronicle

Jaxim trades his admissions slot with Kvothe for six jots and a favour.[2] Kvothe traded in the favour to get over a hundred copies of his apology to Ambrose Jakis printed to distribute around the University and Imre.[3]

Kilvin is disappointed by him when he failed to appreciate the threat posed by frozen reagent that resulted in the bone tar fire.[4][5] He helped Kilvin to suppress the fire by scattering lime and sand.[5] Kilvin shamed him for his oversight by making him work in Stocks.[1]

Apears in chapters


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