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[It's] bad enough to be a lettuce. How awful to think you are a lettuce too.

– Auri[1]

Auri is a former student of the University living in The Underthing, a series of ruined and forgotten places under the University.


Auri is described as having extremely long & thin pale-golden hair that hangs around her head like a cloud. Auri is a foot shorter than Kvothe and is thin and lanky. She wears tattered clothes and refuses to wear hand-me-downs; according to Mola is a Cealdish belief[2]. She is a few years older than Kvothe but is younger than twenty.

While Auri is cautious of people and of the open sky, in reality, she is a very enthusiastic and curious person. She is quite eccentric, however, and likely cracked like many of the students currently residing in Haven. Because of this, only three confirmed people, Kvothe, Mola, and Elodin, know of Auri's whereabouts.

While Auri was at the University, she studied alchemy under Mandrag, and possibly studied naming. She shows great talent in both, being an experienced alchemist and a (potentially) powerful namer.

Appears in chapters

The Name of the Wind

The Wise Man's Fear


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