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Mola is a student at the University. She is friends with Kvothe, and is a skilled medic.

Physical appearance

Mola has green eyes and short blonde hair.[1][2]


Mola holds the rank of Re'lar when Kvothe first meets her, but has been raised to El'the by Kvothe's third term.[1][2] She trains and works in the Medica.[1]

In the Chronicle

Under the supervision of Master Arwyl, Fela treats Kvothe after his whipping for malfeasance in his first term.[1] She later treats him for his injuries during the bone-tar fire in the Artificery.[2] Kvothe comes to her when he's worried about Auri's wellbeing following the fire.[3] She later stitched his wounds following his lashing during his third term.[4]

When Kvothe collapsed in the Artificery after his injuries escaping Ambrose's rooms. After Kvothe, Simmon and Wilem confide in her, she covers for Kvothe in her medical report and joins the group assembled to recover Denna's ring.[5] She tested Kvothe's gram, and was intended to ignite Ambrose's mommet until the arrival of Devi, who is the superior sympathist.[5] She is friends with Devi and had invited her to join the group to try to smooth things over between her and Kvothe.[5][6]


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