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The Artificery, also known as the Fishery, is one of the buildings at the University. It holds shops for artisans, as well as a large workshop with a forge and smelt-works. Kilvin, Master Artificer, holds classes for students, as well as delegating his gillers to teach them practical applications. Any student can use the Fishery equipment, but must pay Kilvin for the materials. When the items made are sold, 60% goes to the students, 30% to the Fishery, and 10% to the schema owner (usually the University itself).

Before the Maer paid for Kvothe’s tuition, Kvothe worked for hours every day in the Fishery to scrape up money.

Artificed Objects

In the Fishery, the majority of artificed objects use a magic called sygaldry, where runes are inscribed on materials to give them certain effects. Kvothe describes it as "sympathy made solid” [1]. There are several objects that can be made with sygaldry, including:

Kilvin also has a massive collection of lamps, which he has been constructing for a decade to try to create an ever-burning lamp that is describe in Cealdish legends. His best lamp has gone 76 days[2]. The way his lamps work are not explained, but they are non-traditional, described as strange stones and gases.

Magical Objects

Kilvin, as the Master Artificer, has several objects in his collection that are beyond modern artificing methods[3]. These objects are small, with strange properties, such as a sheet of black glass that has no friction on one side; and warding stones, which create an invisible thermokinetic barrier.


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