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The University is a school in the Commonwealth, across the Omethi River from Imre. The campus is composed of about fifteen buildings, notably including:

The University offers classes in every field, and features a private, admissions-only school known as the Arcanum. University students, being more scientifically-minded, have a grudge against Imre citizens, who are often more artistically-minded.


There are 9 masters at the University, each of which have their own responsibilities and teach their own classes. Each of these masters have gillers, full arcanists who teach new students and assist them.

Position Current Holder Responsibility
Master Alchemist Mandrag Alchemy and Chemistry
Master Archivist Lorren Master of the Archives, history
Master Arithmetician Brandeur Mathematics, Geometry
Master Artificer Kilvin Master of the Artificery, Artificing, Sygaldry
Master Linguist Arthur Herma Languages, Poetry
Master Namer Elodin Naming
Master Physicker Arwyl Master of the Medica, Medicine, Physiognomy
Master Rhetorician Jasom Hemme Rhetoric, Philosophy
Master Sympathist Elxa Dal Sympathy